Kangaroo Bear by Lance Micklus

One day Tilly-Bear decided to look for a job to earn a little extra money. She went to the zoo to apply for work.

"What kind of work can you do?" asked the clerk.

"I know how to be a bear," Tilly-Bear said.

"Well, we don't need any bears right now, but we have an opening for a kangaroo. All you have to do is wear this suit. We have a trampoline hidden behind the rocks where nobody can see. Just wear the suit, jump up and down on the trampoline, and nobody will know the difference. It's only temporary work until we can get a real kangaroo but it pays good."

"I'll take it", said Tilly-Bear.

So, she put on the kangaroo suit, went in the cage, and began to jump up and down on the hidden trampoline. After a while, this began to be a lot of fun and Tilly-Bear began jumping higher and higher until suddenly, she bounced right out of the cage and into the lion's den next door.

Lion in Auto
"HELP! HELP!", Tilly-Bear began to scream as loud as she could. But her cries for help only attracted the attention of the lion who now began to head directly towards her. With her back against the fence, she froze, not making a sound, hoping the lion would go away, but he didn't.

Instead, the lion climbed up next to Tilly-Bear and began to whisper in her ear, "It's me, your brother, Theodore. Now will you shut up before we both get fired!"

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